Spectral Problems in Mathematical Physics

The aim of this conference is to assemble specialists in microlocal analysis and spectral theory, in order to check recent progresses in the field, new research themes and applications in mathematical physics.


  • V. Bach (Brunswick, Germany)
  • D. Dos Santos (Univ. de Lorraine, France)
  • A. Grigis (Univ. Paris 13, France)
  • G. Grubb (Copenhagen)
  • B. Helffer (Univ. Nantes, France)
  • M. Hitrik (Univ. Los Angeles, USA)
  • A. Iantchenko (Malmo University, Sweden)
  • J. L. Jaramillo (Univ. de Bourgogne, France)
  • C. Klein (Univ. de Bourgogne, France)
  • F. Klopp (Univ. Paris 6, France)
  • K. Krupchyk (Univ. Irvine)
  • G. Lebeau (Univ. de Nice, France)
  • A. Martinez (Bologna, Italie)
  • S. Nonnenmacher (Univ. Paris-Sud, France)
  • V. Petkov (Univ. Bordeaux, France)
  • M. Rouleux (Univ. Toulon, France)
  • J. Viola (Univ. Nantes, France)
  • M. Vogel (Berkeley Univ., USA)
  • W.-M Wang (Univ. Cergy, France)


Registration is open until the 10th of May, 2018. Late registration after this date is also welcome, but the organization committee can not assure places for the gala dinner and lunchs at the conference restaurant.

Scientific and organization committee

M. Dimassi, F. Hérau, G. Perelman, J. Sjöstrand, W.-M. Wang

Local organization committee

J.-L. Jaramillo, C. Klein, S. Rota-Nodari, J. Sjöstrand


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